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READ EVERYTHING BELOW Before Placing Your Order With DIRECTV so you can make sure you will save $100 off your Bill.

STEP 1. You MUST order by clicking on one of the links below which which will open the Official DIRECTV website in a new window.

STEP 2. Enter in your ZIP Code.

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Direct TV Discounts Step 2

STEP 3. Then you type “refer a friend” in the search box at the upper right hand corner then click on the magnifying glass. Your Direct Tv Discounts Are Coming…

Click on Image to EnlargeDirect TV Discount Step 3

STEP 4. Click On The 1st “Referral Program” Link

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STEP 5. Enter This account number “76393832″ or enter in your friends account number if you have one.

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STEP 6. Choose Your Package

Premium Free Satellite TV On PC

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STEP 7. Customize your package, it must be ordered online in order to get the $50 Cash Gift Card.

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free nfl sunday ticket

STEP 8. Choose Your Receiver.

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STEP 9. Make Sure your referral Credit has been added and choose any additional channel or features. Then click the “Check Out” button when you are ready to place your order.

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STEP 10. Follow the Check Out Process.

STEP 11. You will receive $10 off your Bill for 10 Months.

And there you go, you now just got the best Direct TV Discounts Available ANYWHERE!

It’s really that simple. And if you need any help you can just send us a message via our Contact Us Page Here -> Contact US

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